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Contact Walmart Support With Customer Service Numbers: 800-925-6278

Walmart is a Multinational corporation which runs a chain of discounted stores of hypermarkets. It operates both departmental and grocery stores at different places. Company was established in year 1962 and it is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. It aims to provide the best products to its customers. This company is very popular among the people of America, United Kingdom and China. It has almost two million employees and various stores in the whole world.

Contact Service:

Walmart Customer Support Service:

There are number of plans in which you can contact Walmart in order to get help regarding any issue. All the methods are very helpful to solve a specific problem. Below is the list of Walmart customer support services.

  1. Walmart Phone Numbers:

You can contact departments of Walmart by using a number of phone numbers. Below is the list of numbers that can easily reachable to get information about Walmart services and products.

  • Customer Service Number:800.925.6278
  • Credit Card: 800.947.880
  • Gift Card: 800.375.503
  • Business/Community Card: 800.294 .1086
  • Prescription: 800.733.455
  • Investor Relations: 800.273.6463
  • Media Relations: 800.331.0085
  • Payroll Department: 800.273.4323
  • Vestibule Department:800.273.4516
  1. Online support service:

A number of social media websites are used nationwide in order to contact customer service of any company.

Facebook:  you can use your Facebook account to contact Walmart. If you are using Facebook to inquire for information about services or products, you will be able to talk openly to Walmart representative who will give answers to your questions.

Twitter: twitter is one more commonly used website. You can follow @WalmartHub to find posts that are helpful to solve your problem. You can directly link with customer representative who are obtainable twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to resolve your problems.

You Tube: you can also contact Walmart via You Tube that shows videos about their services and products.

  1. By Email:

The email address to contact Walmart  . This is best way you can choose as you do not need to wait for a long time before getting an answer.  Different department offers different emails, but you have to choose the best according to your requirement.

  1. Walmart Corporate:

Walmart support center is one more way that can be used by customers in a great way. You can get information about every department that exists in company. You can also get information from FAQs available on website. You can get help from new post and get answers from the support center or customers who also facing this issue.

  1. Mailing Address: customer service,

850 Cherry Avenue,

San Bruno, CA 94066.

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