Contact UPS Support With Customer Service Numbers: 1 800-742-5877

United Parcel Service is a world’s biggest service of package delivery and supply chain management. It is world known service and its head office is situated in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Company offers many shipping services like air freight, ocean freight and via heavy vehicles. You can get the details of shipment or bill payment by contacting our customer service representative. Follow the contact details and contact the service support center to get the details.

UPS By Phone Call:

  • Call us at the given number 1 800-742-5877 to contact the customer service center of the UPS. Follow the instructions to get the help from our representative.
  • For International Import and export services you have to call us at the given contact number 8007-827-892 and get the details about the services.
  • You can call us at the given phone number 8007-425-727 for getting details about UPS Supply Chain Solutions.
  • For the persons who have hearing problem can call us at 1-8008-330-056 and then get the help from our representative.
  • Similarly for getting the freight details of heavy shipment you have to contact us at 8003-337-400.
  • For any information about the Ocean Freight call us at 8003-08-440.
  • You can Contact us given help line for getting idea about air freight 8004-436-379.

Other Alternative Methods

Through Email:

  • Firstly you have to give your name and email id in the given field. Then elect the support category from drop down list.
  • Choose the support topic and then inform that either you are shipper or receiver by selecting the option from drop down list.
  • Then give the required details and send it to UPS email id and get the response of mail in next four hours.

By Mail:

  • Contact UPS world head quarters by sending a mail to given address 55 Glen Lake parkway NE Atlanta GA30-328 United States
  • Contact the UPS Asia pacific region office by mailing at 22 Changi south avenue 2 UPS house Singapore 48-6064 Asia.
  • For sending a mail to UPS Europe follow the given address Avenue ariane 51200brussels Belgium Europe
  • For contacting the UPS Americans and Caribbean send a mail to 3401 NW 67th avenue 805 Miami FL 33122 USA.

Live Chat:

  • You can contact us through our live chat rooms where you can talk with the representative and inform him about your issue so that he can help you accordingly.
  • You can also check the FAQs and get some assistance from that page.

Contact Customer Service Online:

  • You can contact us by joining on our social media websites by following the given link
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  2. For twitter
  3. For YouTube
  4. For Google Plus
  5. For  LinkedIn

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